Our team has got good suggestions for improvement in our system and the audit performed was professional and excellent.  Also, we want to thank all members of PPCE for their valuable support throughout our association.

S.N. Chavan, Management Representative, Rudranee Infotech Ltd

Auditors’ visits were informative and helpful in improving our efficiency level.

N.S. Sankaran, General Manager, FIlatex VCT Pvt. Ltd.

Within a span of the three year certification cycle with PPCE, our turnover has increased from 2.5 crores to 85 crores.

K.M. Paulose, Vice President - Operations, Voltech Projects.

We are very satisfied by this way of compliance monitoring to improve GMP/GHP.

Ranjit Bhattacharya, Production Manager, Mohan Bakers Pvt. Ltd.

We are enjoying the suitability of the system, the technical expertise and friendliness of the auditors.  We are comfortable with the system and with PPCE.

S.K. Patel, Team Leader, Dynemic Products and Food Colours Ltd.

We have been associated with PPCE since 2004 and the basis of such a long lasting relation for certification process is the transparency in the services offered, and an excellent set of auditors who help identify the lacuna in the system implemented which resulted in our system being robust day by day. We have experienced tremendous change in the attitude of our employees towards all the three (QMS, EMS & OHSAS) systems implemented, which was possible because of the efforts taken by the auditors.

“System implementation is not only adhering to the set of guidelines but also to read between the lines” this can be said to be the modus operandi of all the auditors of PPCE who have audited our company.  Whatever the system might be, they have a keen eye to thoroughly understand the unique systems followed and have the necessary competence to understand the technical, statutory and the regulatory requirements for the same. We are happy with the long association with PPCE and looking forward for a brighter future which is definitely going to be beneficial for both.

Ketan Zadgaonkar,
Manager-HSE & IR,
UB Engineering Limited.

The auditors follow the right balanced audit process.  Understanding business requirements and support with various suggestions.  Encouraging process and happy association.

S. Kannan, General Manager – Quality Assurance, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (Fritolay Division)