Just a quick note to say thank very much to everyone in PPCE. The experience in PPCE has been filled with variety. Clinical data management training and internship provided gives a good understanding of course and hands on expertise for a career in the Clinical Research industry.

Shikha Malla (M.Sc. Microbiology) IBM Pune

This course helped me a lot, knowledge-wise and from an interview point of view.

Dr.Swapna Gagbhiye

I am glad to say I had a very good experience with the training at PPCE during my internship. Not only did I get hands-on experience on a global software platform but I also improved soft skills and others necessary to grow in a career.

PPCE staff is extremely co-operative, encouraging and dedicated to their work.  My internship helped me understood clearly the difference between an academic education in college/universities and actually working in a corporate environment.  Qualification should go hand in hand with skills required for a particular job. I experienced the importance of improving my English communication and other skills necessary to do well in my job .

Snehal Bodhe
Syntel Inc.

The range of topics covered during the training program has allowed me to challenge my pre-conceptions and develop a broader and more realistic view of how clinical research affects people. We were given information on not only varied practical aspects of clinical trials, such as operation and coordination challenges, social and ethical perspectives, but also how to crack interviews, shared by faculty as well as the entire Management team. I am really thankful to PPCE.

Manisha N. Jadhav

My Clinical Data Management course at PPCE was great. learning was easy, practical and fun!  It was the perfect entry for me into the CDM industry.  Thanks, PPCE - for the experience and for helping me get placed!

Ajinkya Mohite Gebbs Healthcare

The course and internship from PPCE was a learning experience with a great mix of theory & practicals. The facilities are state-of-art and the faculty is excellent. The course is especially helpful for life-science students who wish to enter the CDM industry. To everyone in PPCE, thanks a lot!! Special thanks to the faculty and coordinators for your timely guidance & cooperation for my recruitment in the industry.

Priyanka Mane
Tata Consultancy Services

CDM training has definitely given confidence to get a job in CDM. The faculty is excellent and co-operative.

Dr.Vaishali J

The faculty is very friendly and helps solve our problems. I feel very energetic and good while earning here. I am happy that I joined this course at PPCE.

Poonam Sahane.