Benefits of PPCE Industry Courses

We are committed to providing skill sets needed by the clinical research and clinical data management industry; as well as to increase the employability of young, determined people looking to build successful careers.

To give candidates an edge over the competition, our programmes are designed to deliver global expertise.  This means that you can work anywhere in the world after successfully completing one of our courses in clinical research or clinical data management!

While hiring personnel, companies look for certain basic criteria.  To help you fit these criteria, our courses offer the following benefits.

  • Industry endorsed course material

Courses are tailored to ensure the basic knowledge and skill requirements for entry into the industry.  The material has been developed by personnel with over a decade’s recruiting, hiring and training experience for some of the biggest names in the clinical research arena.

  • Industry renowned faculty

Our trainers have been internationally approved by various organisations of repute including Oracle University, USA.  There can be no bigger advantage than to be personally trained by personnel who have spent years leading and managing teams in clinical research in internationally renowned companies.  Our trainers understand the skills required at entry level, they understand what companies are looking for when they hire and they understand what makes the difference between being shortlisted and being the final candidate for the job.

  • We offer opportunities for internship

This means you can work on Clinical Data Management projects that PPCE is working on for its domestic and global customers.  PPCE uses software such as Oracle Clinical, Merge eClinical OS and Open Clinica, which is a huge advantage when you are looking to be hired by top names in the industry.  Work with us under world-class infrastructure and facilities: on your own computer, with the best IT services and support available and get a feel of how it would be to work within this industry once you are hired.

  • A holistic approach

We know that getting a job is more than just knowing your subject.  Aspects like aptitude, personal attributes and communication skills play a key role.  To help candidates prepare for a real-life interview, our courses include mock interviews by recruiters from top companies in the Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management industry.  The process involves assessing your current employability quotient and helping you improve upon this number.  Mock interviews will prepare you for at least three different interview levels as per normal industry practice.

  • Internationally recognized certifications

 Companies in Clinical Data Management prefer some mark of quality to assure the quality of resources.   Amongst such marks, the biggest marks of quality are Oracle Clinical certification and certification from the Society for Clinical Data Management USA.

PPCE gives you the choice to opt for either or both of these certifications through its partnerships with both organizations.

  • Flexible course timings to cater to different schedules

With such great demand for skilled resources, there are plenty of different profiles that can fit industry requirements.  Students, freshers and working professionals all have a role to play.  Therefore, we run batches of various durations and timings.  You can choose from part time or full time, weekend or weekday batches. Courses run between one month and six months.

  • Our courses make you EMPLOYABLE!

Our past candidates have seen the results of these benefits from the offers regularly received from top companies like Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, InVentiv, Syntel, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and IBM. We share some of their feedback and testimonials here.

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