SCDM 2017 Annual Conference -SDV- What Is It Good For

At the SCDM Annual Conference in Orlando in September last month, I had the opportunity to discuss the current relevance of SDV with fellow panelists Doug Pierce, Maryanne Rizk and Rick Morrison. The topic, ‘SDV – What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!’ was coined by Jonathan Andrus, our panel’s Chair-with-Flair.   So here’s the premise of the topic under Continue Reading
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Chartered Quality Institute, United Kingdom : August 2010 issue

Converting a Billion Minds India is a giant of a country. With 28 states, 7 union territories and 3 million square kilometers of sovereign territory, it is the seventh largest country in the world.  To give a rough idea of the size we are talking about, it would fit 23 countries the size of England. Flanked by the Arabian Sea Continue Reading
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Society for Clinical Data Management -Quarterly Magazine ‘Data Basics’ : Fall issue 2013

Thinking Lean, Defining Key Performance Indicators and Optimizing Resource Utilization Go to full article.....
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